Master’s degrees at the Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics completes the 3+2 scheme, as defined by the Bologna Declaration, with a number of two-year Master’s programmes. Master’s curricula are aimed at delivering a highly specialised qualification based on rigorous teaching and research content while also considering the demands of the candidate’s future career.

The Faculty, for instance, organises the Master in Economics and International Policies in collaboration with the School of Economics and International Relations, Catholic University of Milan, one of the leading academic institutions in neighbouring Italy. It is a graduate programme that enjoys remarkable success and prestige. In general, Master’s programmes have so far attracted a large proportion of applicants from abroad, a clear demonstration of their competitive strength.

The following Master’s programmes are now operative:

Banking and Finance
Corporate Communication*
Economics and International Policies (MEPIN)
Economic Policy (MEP)
Financial Communication*
Financial Technology and Computing
International Tourism*
Management & Informatics**
Public Management and Policy (PMP)*

(*) These programmes are organised in association with the Faculty of Communication Sciences.
(**) The programme is organised in association with the Faculty of Informatics.