Studying at the Faculty of Economics

The teaching curriculum abides to the reformed European system established with the Bologna Declaration: a three-year Bachelor's degree in Economics programme, a four-semester Master's degree programme, and a Ph.D programme that generally runs for at least three years.

The initial three-year Bachelor is a programme of foundation courses that also presents a first-level of specialisation, introduced during the second year, in the following areas:

  • Political economics
  • Business and management economics
  • Finance
  • Quantitative methods

The Master's degree programme leads to further specialisation.
The Faculty of Economics currently offers four Master-degree programmes, for 90 - 120 ECTS study credits, in:
1. Finance

2. Banking and Finance

3. Economics and International Policies (jointly with the Università Cattolica of Milan)

4. Management

In addition, the Faculty offers the following six Master-degree programmes, jointly with other Faculties and Institutes, in:
5. Financial Communication (with the Faculty of Communication Sciences)

6. International Tourism (with the University of Pavia and the Faculty of Communication Sciences)

7. Marketing (with the Faculty of Communication Sciences)

8. Corporate Communication (with the Faculty of Communication Sciences)

9. Public Management and Policy (with the Faculty of Communication Sciences, and endorsed by the Swiss Public Administration Network, SPAN)

10. Management and Informatics (with the Faculty of Informatics)

The Faculty also offers a choice of three Executive Master programmes.

The doctoral programme (in Finance, in Management, and in Political Economy) excels in training young and promising researchers. The doctoral thesis is therefore an original contribution to the advancement of learning, testing the frontiers of scientific knowledge in a given area.