Health insurance

The Federal Legislation on Health Insurance (LAMal) foresees a general obligation for health care insurance throughout the country. According to the LAMal, all individuals subject to such obligation must register with an acknowledged health insurer within three months months from the moment of entrance in Switzerland.

The list of acknowledged health insurers and related insurance premiums is available on the website:

Exemptions may be granted to frontier workers or students with a residence permit (for study or training purposes, with a maximum permitted workload of 15 hours per week), if these individuals can provide evidence of health care insurance coverage from their country that is equivalent to that in Switzerland.

Forms for exemption request:

The completed form, together with a copy of the European Health Isurance Card (issued by the insurance company in the country of origin), shall be sent to the following address:

Ufficio dell'assicurazione malattia
Via Ghiringhelli 15a
CH-6500 Bellinzona

Phone: +41 91 821 93 16/19/20, or 91 55 or 92 92
Fax: +41 91 821 92 99

For further information on health insurance in Switzerland please click here:

Premium reductions

The premium can be reduced if the insured party accepts a higher deductible (in Italian: "franchigia") or other limitations offered by certain insurers (e.g. the freedom of choice of physician, etc.).

People employed for at least 8 hours a week are covered by their employer for medical care and loss of income as a result of injury (even if occurred outside work). Health insurers will grant a reduction of the premium upon presentation of a statement issued and signed by the employer. If you stop working or reduce your weekly working hours below the aforementioned limit, then full coverage must be restored.

Personal liability insurance

Certain apartment or home lease contracts may require personal liability insurance (in Italian: responsabilità civile, RC), which covers damages to third persons, and/or household insurance. Insurance premiums for these are quite reasonable. For comparative information on premiums and conditions please click here: