Research at the Faculty of Economics

The scientific research network that has gradually been built by scholars and professors who make up the academic staff greatly contributed, from early on, to launching our Faculty’s research activities on the best premises. Quality in research is a must for a young, up-and-coming Faculty.

The strong presence of our teachers and young research fellows in Econ-Lit is proof of a vibrant and ambitious Faculty. The Faculty also prides itself on peaks of excellence in the fields of finance, political economy, economic policy, applied economics and econometrics, statistics, and systems engineering.

The Università della Svizzera italiana, with all its resources and to the best of its ability, encourages its young graduates to undertake a research career, in order to guarantee and further the next generation of academics in the finest tradition.
For more detailed information on research at the Università della Svizzera italiana, please visit the web site of: USI Research Service.