Welcome to the Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics aims at providing high-quality education and teaching, by putting the scientific expertise and the international profile of its professors, researchers and assistants at the heart of the study curricula. This objective can be be achieved only by encouraging interest and fostering enthusiasm for studies in the field of Economics. A fundamental element of our model is the small size of our classes and the opportunity to work in small groups, which lead to beneficial exchanges between students and Faculty.

The Faculty of Economics offers a complete study curriculum, from the undergraduate programme (three-year Bachelor) to the several graduate specialisations (two-year Master), up to the post-graduate level (Ph.D) and executive education with a selection of Master of Advanced Studies. These programs aim at providing the disciplinary tools and the critical analysis capabilities that will enable students to be well prepared for the next steps of their studies and meet the professional career challenges with high profiles. This is our contribution, as a Faculty, to the preparation of the decision-makers and researchers of tomorrow.

As Dean of the Faculty of Economics I hope all students will be successful in combining talent, intellectual curiosity and determination to reach their goals, and that their "alma mater" may always be mentioned with pride.

Professor Patrick Gagliardini
Dean of the Faculty of Economics