Faculty of Economics: the mission

At the heart of Switzerland's third marketplace

USI stands at the crossroads between the Swiss-German tradition and the northern-Italian tradition of  studies in Eocnomics. Lugano is the third-largest financial centre in Switzerland, which is why the Faculty pays special attention to teaching and  research in this sector.

A Faculty on a human scale

When USI came along, no new universities had been founded in Switzerland for over a hundred years. Fresh energies were devoted to planning a Faculty focused on meeting the demands of its students.
Set up in 1996, the Faculty of Economics is proud to offer:

  • Lectures and seminars to small groups;
  • Study Regulations designed to encourage students to attend lectures and seminars on a regular basis; and to sit the required examinations in good time for a prompt completion of the degree;
  • Guidance and a facilitating role for students and graduates in their search for internships, employment and career opportunities.
  • A strong research programme in a variety of fields.

A safe investment in human capital

As part of its mission, a university should direct its efforts to broadening the cultural horizons of its students and strengthening their critical sense, while providing opportunities for increasing their intellectual and professional assets. It is worth noting that USI's first graduates found work immediately or did not have to wait long to be offered positions answering their expectations and suitable to their qualifications. The USI Career service guarantees assistance to all students, be it during their studies (e.g. for an internship) or after graduating, by providing advice on how to identify and choose a suitable career path.