Organisation of the Faculty of Economics

Organization chart. The chart shows the main administrative bodies: the faculty board, tutor for examinations and institutes.

IFin: Institute of Finance
IRE: Institute for Economic Research
IdEP: Institute of Economics
IMA: Institute of Management
IDUSI: Law Institute

The Faculty Board exercises its authority on all general matters related to the interests of the Faculty, especially those pertaining to teaching and research activities.

In particular, the Faculty Board:

a) appoints the Dean and his/her deputies;

b) adopts the amendments to the Faculty bylaws and the Regulation which defines the Faculty structures and operations, as well as its research and/or teaching entities;

c) implements the study plans and the rules for examinations;

d) implements the doctoral studies regulation and appoints the doctoral programme directors;

e) defines the criteria for academic positions (chairs) before the subsequent calls for tender are issued;

f) ratifies agreements concluded with institutions outside the Faculty;

g) appoints the Faculty representatives for internal or external University bodies;

h) decides on appeals that are submitted under art. 21 of the present bylaws;

i) implements disciplinary measures pursuant to art. 50 of the USI bylaws and art. 41 of the Study Regulation.


The Board of Professors:

a) proposes to the University Board the Faculty members that are called upon to sit in a commission for the appointment of professors;

b) proposes to the University Council the recruitment of Faculty members, the awarding of the title of Professor Emeritus and doctorate of Honoris Causa;

c) decides on the provision of academic titles;

d) decides on the allocation of courses to lecturers.