Events at USI Università della Svizzera italiana

Welcome new students!

Dear new students,


USI is happy to welcome you!

Here are some useful information to walk you through your first steps on our campuses.


Welcome presentation

Click here to download the presentation given at the Lugano campus "USI is for U".


When does my class start?

You can find the class schedules at the following links:

Schedules are also printed out and posted at the entrance of the main building. 


Where are classes held?

- Lugano campus

A campus map is available here: 

Classrooms with only a number (ex: 254, 355, ...) are in the main building.  
Classrooms beginning with an A- are in the red buiding
Classrooms beginning with SI-... are in the black building (or Informatics Building).

- Mendrisio campus

A campus map is available here:


USI website: where do I find what?

To get acquainted with our webiste you can check the link The new USI website in 99 seconds (and 1100 words)


What are the Welcome Meetings? When and Where are they held?

For the new students enrolled at USI, the Study Advisory Service organises welcome meetings to discuss practical issues such housinghealth insurance, visa, ecc. Next meetings on Lugano campus: 20.09.2017, 12.30pm-1.30pm, 250 

During the first week of the semester, there will be an ASK ME – info desk to answer your questions. The students-promoter can be indentified by their t-shirts with a question mark and are happy to help you in the main building entrance. 

On Mendrisio campus please ask the main Secretary office in Villa Argentina.


What is served in the Cafeteria today? (Lugano Campus)?

The Menu of Lugano campus Cafeteria is available at this link

URL 1: Practicalities for the USI community