Bachelor’s Degree at the Faculty of Economics

The choice of a given profile will provide the student with a first pre-specialization.

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Political Economy profile

The political economy profile offers courses that address the needs for analysis and understanding of the markets, the interaction between the private and public sectors and the functioning of state and non-governmental agencies. The emphasis is on disciplines such as economic analysis, economic policy, public economics – all of these at international and regional levels alike.
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Business Economics profile

The profile in business economics is designed to provide solid training in the field of human resource management, strategy and production policies, controlling and marketing of small, medium and large companies, both public and private. The business economist is required to be trained in these areas of study in order to meet the challenges in the fields of international law, finance and communications.
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Financial Economics profile

The profile in financial economics addresses the needs in the field of national and international finance. Lugano, like other Swiss regions, is an important financial centre that requires specialists in financial markets and risk management theory, as well as in the related legal and economic aspects. The Faculty of Economics of USI therefore is well positioned to meet and fulfil the new challenges and future requirements of the financial and banking sectors.

Quantitative Methods profile

This profile offers training based on methods for the analysis of economic and financial phenomena. In addition to the disciplines of mathematics, statistics and econometrics, the profile provides an introduction to numerical methods for modelling in economics and finance, as well as modules for the empirical work on the data and courses in economics and quantitative finance. The profile is best suited for students interested in the methodological study of economics through the econometric analysis of data.