Academic curricula

The 3-5-8 scheme that was adopted by the Faculty of Economics consists of an initial three-year programme, (leading to the Bachelor's degree), a consecutive two-year graduate-level specialization programme (leading to the Master's degree), and finally a doctoral studies programme, running for a minimum of three years and leading to the Ph.D in Economics.

The initial three-year programme (Bachelor) is a period of foundation training with an initial specialisation, as of the second year, in the following areas:

  • Political economics
  • Business and management economics
  • Finance
  • Quantitative methods

The Faculty currently offers four Master-degree programmes:

  • Economics and International Policies (jointly with the Università Cattolica of Milan)
  • Management
  • Banking and Finance
  • Finance

In addition, the Faculty offers the following six Master-degree programmes, jointly with other Faculties and Institutes:

  • Financial Communication (with the Faculty of Communication Sciences)
  • International Tourism (with the University of Pavia and the Faculty of Communication Sciences)
  • Marketing (with the Faculty of Communication Sciences)
  • Corporate Communication (with the Faculty of Communication Sciences)
  • Public Management and Policy (with the Faculty of Communication Sciences, and endorsed by the Swiss Public Administration Network, SPAN)
  • Management and Informatics (with the Faculty of Informatics)

Finally, to complete the academic curricula, the Faculty also runs the following Ph.D programmes: in Finance, in Management, and in Economics. This third tier involves a number of advanced lectures and seminars, alongside the research work required to write a doctoral thesis, under the supervision of a Faculty professor.

Piano degli studi (pdf)