Italian language courses

USI Università della Svizzera italiana offers an Italian Language course during the autumn and spring semester. All of the non Italian-speaking students, researchers and professors are invited to participate free of charge.

During Autumn Semester 2015 the programme is organized in ten modules:

  • Preparatory intensive course at absolute beginner level (two weeks) (A1)
  • Preparatory intensive course at intermediate level (two weeks) (B1)
  • Absolute Beginners course (A)
  • Beginners course 1 (A1)
  • Beginners course 2 (A2)
  • Intermediate course 1 (B1)
  • Intermediate course2 (B1 - B2)
  • Oral Interaction course (B2 - C1)
  • Intermediate - advanced course (B2)
  • Advanced course (B2 - C1)

For further information please download the pdf files below. The application is online.

Please notice that the course is open to USI's students, researchers and professors only.

Università della Svizzera italiana also offers an official Italian language proficiency test twice a year in cooperatin with Società Dante Alighieri in Italy. The PLIDA Certificate attests competence in Italian as a foreign language according to a scale of six levels. The levels advance from A1 to C2 in progression of difficulty and correspond to the levels established by the Council of Europe. For more information, please visit the webpage:

There are many other schools off Campus that offer Italian as a second language courses such as the Istituto di lingua e cultura italiana (ILI) which grants a 20% discount to all USI students.