Research at the Faculty of Economics at a glance

The Faculty of Economics conducts scientific research in a number of areas, in particular:

  • economics
  • finance
  • management and organisation
  • quantitative methods
  • regional economics
  • public health
  • law
  • computational science

The Faculty of Economics carries out competitive, interdisciplinary research projects aimed at both the development of knowledge and its application, carried out within a network that includes academic and business partners at international, national and local levels.


More than numbers

With an academic staff hailing from different countries and with different backgrounds, the research carried out at our Faculty is constantly moving forward and exploring new frontiers, ready to identify innovative paths and to respond to the complexity and uncertainty of modern globalised economies.

The rigorous numeric analysis carried out through econometric tools, statistics and computational simulations, is applied to economics, finance and management, and combined with a humanitarian approach. Therefore, social, behavioural and legal aspects are also taken into consideration, in fields that range from finance, to public affairs, to healthcare and energy, from financial markets, to real estate, to corporate enterprises, from corporate culture and organization, to humanitarian logistics, from territorial dynamics, to tourism and its economic consequences.



Institute of Management and Organization (IMO)

When business management rhymes with social context

Nowadays executives face responsibilities that go beyond the efficient management of production. Holding responsibilities that extend well beyond profit maximization, today firms are called to cope with more and more complex organizational challenges. To study the management challenges faced by modern organizations, the Faculty of Economics has created the Institute of Management and Organization (IMO), an evolution of the Institute of Management. The new Institute, chaired by Prof. Filippo Carlo Wezel, focuses its research on the social context in which organizational behavior takes shape. More information.



A dynamic hub, open to the world

The strong presence of our researchers in Econ-Lit is proof of the scientific dynamism of the Faculty, which also prides itself on peaks of excellence in the fields of finance, economics, economic policy, applied economics and econometrics, statistics, and systems engineering. The interest of leading institutions in hiring young Ph.D. graduates from the Faculty underscores the quality of its research. Notable examples include Oxford, Harvard, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, New York University, Duke University, London School of Economics, EPFL, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of Amsterdam, University of Bristol.