Faculty of Economics

Facing the challenges of today’s globalised economies entails the ability to interpret and manage complexity. Labour markets require increasingly specific skills and a flair for problem solving in environments dominated by uncertainty and in constant evolution.

With its international and diversified faculty at the forefront of research in their respective fields, the Faculty of Economics of USI Università della Svizzera italiana is the ideal venue to acquire the skills needed to succeed in modern labour markets: competence, flexibility, and enough intellectual curiosity to identify fundamental issues and face them with creativity and talent.


"Studying economics is a rewarding and fascinating experience. Theories, models and tools in the subject areas of microeconomics and macroeconomics, finance, management, law and quantitative methods not only provide the means to address the economic challenges of modern societies, but also allow a better understanding of the problems and opportunities that future generations will face as responsible citizens, workers, entrepreneurs, or volunteers of non-profit organisations. To all those who are and will be part of our Faculty, and especially to our students, I hope that you will appreciate the inclusive nature of this Faculty, which enables and encourages the interaction with professors who conduct research at an international level and who are passionately committed to teaching." 

Gianluca Colombo, Dean of the Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics at a glance