Doctoral studies in Economics

The doctoral programme addresses graduates of promising talent and keen to launch into a high-profile career. From time to time the Faculty advertises doctoral student positions regulated by contracts (with teaching assistant or graduate researcher status). This is the framework in which PhD students set out on their research paths.


PhD programmes




Why choose the Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics, and USI in general, is a free and open research platform. Its flexible structure allows for decisions to be made swiftly, thus enabling the fluid exchange of ideas.

With an academic staff hailing from different countries and with different backgrounds, the reserach carried out at the Faculty is constantly moving forward and exploring new frontiers, ready to identify innovative paths and to respond to the complexity and uncertainty of modern globalised economies.

Prospective researchers can find the ideal hub to grow and plant the seeds for a career at institutions such as Oxford, Harvard, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, New York University, Duke University, London School of Economics, EPFL, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of Amsterdam, University of Bristol.
The Faculty of Economics and USI more in general can count on a broad national and international research network, and the convenient conditions of the Swiss system, such as useful synergies betwen high-quality public infrastructures – especially the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse – and important funding by the private sector.