MORSe Seminar: Flore Bridoux - Rotterdam School of Management

Institute of Management and Organisation

Date: 9 October 2019 / 13:30 - 15:00

PC04 Blue Building

The Institute of Management and Organization is glad to invite you to the next MORSe seminar given by Flore Bridoux from Rotterdam School of Management on October 9 from 13:30 to 15:00 in PC04 in the Blue Building.

She will be presenting a paper titled: Testing behavioral stakeholder theory: A scale for stakeholder orientation.

Abstract: Stakeholder theory has recently taken a behavioral turn in search of psychological mechanisms that explain why and how stakeholder management affects firm performance. However, there is little empirical work testing the propositions of behavioral stakeholder theory. A fundamental obstacle for empirical work is the lack of a measure for the theory’s independent variable: “stakeholder-theory based stakeholder management”. We overcome this obstacle by conceptually clarifying this variable and developing and validating a scale to measure it. The last step of our validation also provides empirical support for two central claims in behavioral stakeholder theory: (1) that a stakeholder (profit) orientation relates positively (negatively) to primary stakeholders’ prosocial behavior and negatively (positively) to their intention to leave the firm and (2) that trust helps explain these relationships.