USI EMBA - LNG Case study resolution

Università della Svizzera italiana

Date: 30 June 2017 / 18:00 - 19:00

Blue room, Executive Center, USI Lugano campus

Challenge yourself! Come and solve an interesting case study, with the guidance of Dr. Romani Marco

USI Exectutive MBA is pleased to host Dr. Romani Marco, Senior Advisor in Industrial Complex Development and Business Originator/Facilitator, on the Lugano campus to present a case study about the application of technology in diverse and unusual sectors. The focus will be on the strategic and sensitive aspects of technical, economical, financial, political and geo political themes, all which must be well managed for the success of the project.

The case study will examine in further detail the application of LNG, a natural liquid gas used in extractive industries as an efficient substitute for diesel. The value of the project is 900 Million USD.

The case takes place in Congo RDC, a high-risk and complex country: this is increasing the level of challenge.

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Dr. Marco ROMANI is Senior Advisor in Industrial Complex Development and Business Originator/Facilitator.

Dr. Romani possess professional experience covering design and calculation of process plant up to Contract development assistance & risk evaluation, Negotiations support, Claims analysis and Dispute resolution in uncomfortable law environment like as Middle East, Russian and Balkan Peninsula. Appointed as External Executive Director for Strategic Business Implementation, he is in charge to support the innovation and diversification in business processes and related infrastructure support network.

He is currently Advisor for world-class Oil & GAS and EPC Company.

Dr. Romani has also been strongly experienced into “Private Commercial diplomacy” assisting many Ambassadors based in Rome (Italy) during their mandate. Such specialized new type of diplomacy plays a significant role in global trade, investments and R&D activities.