The economic constraints and social costs of late retirement

Institutional Communication Service

Date: 28 May 2018 / 17:30 - 19:00

Auditorio USI, campus di Lugano

The increase in life expectancy in most advanced economies has led to a gradual raise of the requirements for retirement eligibility. As such, reforms are necessary to ensure the sustainability of our pension systems, but can sometimes have unexpected economic and social consequences. On the one hand, the general increase in the retirement age does not take into account the fact that the increase in life expectancy may not be the same for all and may have potentially regressive effects. On the other hand, in a constantly changing economy, an ageing workforce could make companies less competitive and therefore unwilling to retain workers close to retirement for longer periods.

These issues will be discussed at a public conference organized by the Center for Economic and Political Research on Aging (CEPRA) at USI, with speeches by Giuseppe Costa, Full professor of Public Health at the Medical School of the University of Turin and Head of the Regional Unit of  Epidemiology and Health Promotion in the Piedmont Region, Vincenzo Galasso, Full professor of Economics at Bocconi University and lecturer at USI, and Luca Bolzani, President of Sintetica SA. Fabrizio Mazzonna, Professor of Health Economics at the USI Institute of Economics will moderate the panel discussion after the keynote speeches.

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