Information for first year students of the Bachelor in Economics

Staff - Faculty of Economics

The time grid is available on the USI website at For operational reasons the first week schedule will undergo some minor changes as follows:


Monday, September 16

08.30 am – 10 am: Aula magna, welcome to new Bachelor students with the Rector and Heads of the University services (library, sport, mobility, career service, etc.)
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10.15 am: welcome address by Prof. Colombo, Faculty Dean, room A11 (Red building)

10.30 am -12.15 pm: Contabilità, Dr. Camponovo, room A11 (Red building)

1.30 pm-4.15 pm: Introduzione all'Economia politica, Prof. Filippini, room A11 (Red building)

4.30 pm-6.15 pm: Recupero matematica, Dr. Naguib, room A11 (Red building)


Tuesday, September 17

08.30 am – 10.15 am: Matematica, dr. Ferretti, aula A-11 (Red building)

10.30 am – 12.15 pm: Introduzione all’Economia politica, prof. Filippini, Auditorium

1.30 pm – 3.15 pm: Informatica, dr. Tenconi, Auditorium

From 3.30 pm an information session on USI digital technology will be held in the computer rooms 156 and 159 (lower level, Main building). The iCorsi platform will be introduced and students badges handed out. 

Students will be divided, in alphabetical order, into groups of 60: the first group will be busy from 3.30 pm and the second from 5. The group list will be posted on the doors of the computer rooms in the morning. 

The session is open to all bachelor students including those who have not completed registration.


English course

Those with a B2 level English certificate, are invited to hand over a copy to the Dean's Office or send it by e-mail to

Students who did not obtain the certificate can attend the optional course offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

For this course the class will be divided according to the level of preparation. For an evaluation there will be a test on Wednesday, 18 September at 10:45 am, 12:15 pm and 1:45 pm (3 groups) in room A14 (Red building). The groups will be notify by e-mail.



To register please go to the Dean's offices with the original copy of your high school diploma. The diploma will be returned immediately, after registration.

Students coming from an Italian high school who are not yet in possession of the diploma issued by MIUR are invited to present it at a later time, as soon as comes available.


Attendance certificate

Attendance certificates can be downloaded following the instructions at


Math refresher

The Math refresher class is designed to offer interested students a review of some mathematical concepts needed to successfully tackle the course of Mathematics 1 Analysis. The approach of the course is based on the guided performance in class of exercises at different levels. Attendance is optional. The content of the course may be subject to change following specific requests from participating students.


General information

Further information to prepare for the beginning of classes are available at