Welcome Rector Luisa Lambertini


Institutional Communication Service

26 June 2023

In a few days, on 1 July 2023, Professor Luisa Lambertini will assume the role of Rector. An internationally renowned expert in the field of finance, former Associate Vice-President of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and Chair of its doctoral schools and continuing education, she was unanimously appointed by the USI Council. With the end of an academic year filled with achievements, USI expresses gratitude towards Deputy Rector Professor Lorenzo Cantoni and welcomes the beginning of a new and significant chapter in the University's history.

During the 27th Dies academicus event in May, Luisa Lambertini received the Rector's chain from Lorenzo Cantoni, marking a symbolic changeover. The formal handover will take place on 1 July: "I am very happy to take office," says Luisa Lambertini, "I will dedicate myself to the role of Rector with great commitment and determination. By the beginning of the next academic year, in September, I plan to share some key elements of my Rectorate to direct the academic community's efforts towards common goals. We need to progressively share our goals and work together to have a strong impact. I am already collaborating with several colleagues on USI Planning 2025-28 to achieve this. Each of us can contribute our unique expertise to make a difference. I am sure that, together, we can achieve many new milestones. As of now, I invite all members of the academic community, including students, to introduce themselves when they meet me in the corridors: I will be delighted to get to know each and every one of you and your experience of USI".

Lorenzo Cantoni had a successful term as head of USI, lasting about fourteen months. USI achieved a new enrollment record during the 2022-23 academic year with 4,190 students in 49 programmes. The University also maintained high levels of research, with over 26 million francs in funded projects and numerous publications. "This year has been challenging with managing various transitions, but it has been both intense and productive." Lorenzo Cantoni emphasises. "I am certain that from 1 July, Rector Lambertini will bring her energy and expertise to lead and improve this path most effectively".

USI is a young university that has so far had four guides: Professors Marco Baggiolini, Piero Martinoli, Boas Erez and Lorenzo Cantoni. The links in the same chain - using the metaphor of the golden chain that distinguishes the Rectors on official occasions - who, since 1996, have been able to accompany and guide USI in its constant growth.