5th Swiss Workshop on Local Public Finance and Regional Economics

Institute of Economics

Date: 13 October 2023 / 08:50 - 17:00

Room 354 (main building), Università della Svizzera italiana, Campus Ovest Lugano

The workshop brings together leading scholars and young researchers working in the fields of local public finance, political economy, regional and urban economics with a special interest in Switzerland. The conference aims to stimulate the exchange of ideas among researchers and to contribute to the understanding of interactions between public policies and the geography of economic activity.

Registration is compulsory (please contact [email protected]). 


Friday, October 13

Morning Session 1 – Chair: Raphaël Parchet (USI, Lugano)

08.50 Welcome Address

09.00 Isabel Micó-Millán (University Carlos III & Bank of Spain)
The Effects of Inheritance and Gift Taxation on Upward Wealth Mobility at the Bottom: Lessons from Spain

09.30 Enrico Rubolino (University of Lausanne)
The Carnegie Elasticity: Behavioral Responses to Sudden Wealth

10.00 Parallel Poster Session

Morning Session 2 – Chair: Mario Jametti

11.00 Thierry Madiès (University of Fribourg)
Disentangling the Effects of Global and Local Heterogeneity on Cooperation in Multi-level Public Goods: Experimental Evidence

11.30 Remo Gurtner (KOF)
Local Fiscal Policy Announcements and Firm Expectations: Evidence from Switzerland

12.00 Lunch & Coffee

Afternoon Session 1 – Chair: Maximilian von Ehrlich (University of Bern)

13.30 Lukas Mair (IWP, Universität Luzern)
Reform into (Un-)Sustainability? Empirical Evidence on Fiscal Equalization Transfers and Fiscal Sustainability of Swiss Cantons

14.00 Philipp Meier (University of Bayreuth)
Multinational Firms and the Urban-Rural Profitability Gap

14.30 Luisa Doerr (ifo Institute)
The Effects of Corporate Taxes on Business Entry and Exit

15.00 Coffee break

Afternoon Session 2 – Chair: Fabrizio Mazzonna (USI, Lugano)

15.30 Tobias Lehmann (USI, Lugano)
Increased Workplace Sorting or Reduced Bargaining Power? Measuring Changes in the Immigrant-Native Wage Gap Following Mass Migration

16.00 David Burgherr (University of Zurich)
Behavioral Responses to a Pension Savings Mandate: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Swiss Tax Data

16.30 Nate Zahnd (ESTV & University of St. Gallen)
Distributional and Savings Effects of Tax Deductibility of Pension Contributions to Pillar 3a Savings Accounts