Doctoral programme in Management

The aim of the PhD Program in Management is to enable students to excel as researchers in the international academic arena. The program is full time, and it typically lasts between four and (a maximum of) five years. In the first two years, students take a comprehensive set of doctoral courses taught by USI faculty members and invited lecturers who are recognized as leaders in their field of research.

The program's primary focus is on independent inquiry, research methodology, and publication of research results. Students work closely with their PhD advisor, other faculty members, and fellow students. An internationally recognized PhD faculty and the small class size guarantee that all students benefit from the attention and expertise of experienced, research-active scholars whose work has been published in leading generalist journal in the field of management.

The ideal candidate has demonstrated an outstanding academic performance, is genuinely passionate about research, and is highly perseverant. He or she is motivated to pursue an international academic career.


For further information, please visit the program website: