2018 STILE - Workshop of Law and Economics

Istituto di diritto

Data d'inizio: 8 Luglio 2018

Data di fine: 9 Luglio 2018

The nature and role of norms and institutions are matters of active research in several academic disciplines, including (but not limited to) economics, and law. Bringing together leading scholars, in particular, from Siena, Tel Aviv and Toronto, the STILE workshop wants to promote the exchange of ideas and conversations across disciplinary boundaries in an informal style. In addition, it will offer excellent networking opportunities for future research collaborations. 


When and where

8–9, July 2018

Room A13, Red Building, Lugano campus


List of attendees

  • Ben Alarie (UT)
  • Anita Anand (UT)
  • Ronen Avraham (TAU)
  • Oren Bar-Gill (TAU)
  • Filippo Belloc (University of Chieti-Pescara)
  • Massimo D’Antoni (UniSI)
  • David Gilo (TAU)
  • Andrew Green (UT)
  • Yoram Margalioth (TAU)
  • Antonio Nicita (“La Sapienza” Rome University)
  • Omer Peled (TAU)
  • Ariel Porat (TAU)
  • Uriel Procaccia (TAU)
  • Matteo Rizzolli (LUMSA)
  • Adriana Robertson (UT)
  • Massimiliano Vatiero (USI)
  • Albert Yoon (UT)


The workshop is organized with a generous assistance of the “Brenno Galli” Chair of Law and Economics.


Further info:

[email protected]