IFin Seminar, Ilaria Piatti, Queen Mary University - "Sustainable Investing and Public Goods Provision"

Institute of Finance

Date: 14 December 2023 / 12:30 - 13:40

Speaker: Ilaria Piatti, Queen Mary University

Title:       "Sustainable Investing and Public Goods Provision”

Date:       December 14, 2023

Time:       12:30 - 13:40

Room:      Red Room (Executive Center)

USI West Campus




"We model investors that take into account the amount of pub- lic good that firms produce (e.g., by reducing carbon emissions) when making their portfolio allocation. In an equilibrium asset pricing model with production and public goods provision, we find that environmentally conscious investors invest more than others, invest more in clean firms, and may invest more in dirty firms. Whether clean firms exhibit CAPM alphas depends on the amount of systematic risk of the firm and its relative contribution to the public good. There is underprovision of the public good in equilibrium. Lower government provision may lead to a surge in investment and government provision may be dominated by green subsidies. Finally, we extend the model to analyze negative externalities, donations, and uncertainty regarding public good provision."